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a bit about me:

Jasmine "Jae'D" (pronounced Jay-Dee) Hines, is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, scholar, and professional educator. Currently an Ohio transplant, she can't seem to shake her Southern roots as the sounds of her hometowns of Augusta, Georgia, and Raleigh, North Carolina deeply influenced her musical identity. Born of equal parts Southern Gospel, and Funk/P-Funk, she began playing and studying percussion at six years old, moved to the piano, and settled into her passion for vocal music at 15 and never looked back. She received her Bachelor of Music Education-Choral Sequence from Georgia Southern University, her Master of Music Education, and her Doctorate of Philosophy in Music Education from the University of Florida.  

While trained in the Western Classical tradition, her personal music, work, and research centers on popular music and popular music education. She believes that exploring the stories that shape the global music landscape, that being popular and folk music, sheds light on the human experience and makes our world a little more joyous and communal in nature.

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