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Brief Resume

Professional ​

“There's always someone asking you to underline one piece of yourself,”- Audre Lorde (1981).


If I must choose one, then scholar is my choice. I am an advocate for life long continuous learning not only through traditional methods of education but also through real-world practice. I take responsibility for the position that I hold as an educator and researcher and I constantly seek ways to remix expected practices of education and music. 

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant

​2016 - 2021


  • Graduate teaching assistant for Introduction to Music Education, Elementary Music Methods, Introduction to Music Technology, and Choral Methods

  • Presented lecture on culturally responsive research based pedagogy and diversity initiatives and awareness within music education

  • Served as an observer for pre-service music education majors during field placements​


Graduate Instructor

​2016 - 2018


  • Facilitator for four sections of College of Education required music education course

  • Taught and encouraged cross-curricular teaching techniques towards music education for general education majors

  • Assessed and encouraged the musicality and teaching techniques of undergraduate pre-service teachers

  • Served as liaison between the School of Music and the College of Education

Choral Director
​2016- 2019


  • Responsible for conducting four annual musical showcases designed for community outreach

  • Created a traditional choral ensemble and modern band program within the first year of school existence

  • Volunteer hours associated with Resilience Charter School equates to 20 hours a semester mandated by teaching contract; 80 hours total

University of Florida
Music Education Ph.D. 
​2018 -2021

Area Head: Dr. William Bauer
Dissertation Char: Dr. Barry Hartz

Dissertation title: "An Ethnographic Study of Epistemic Resistance Amongst Black Women in Music Education"

University of Florida
Masters in Music Education

​2016 - 2018

Masters thesis title: “Recruitment and Retention Strategies of Minority Male High School Students for Vocal Music Programs Through a Theoretical Critical Race Theory Framework”
Committee: Willard Kesling and Megan Sheridan (Chair)
Area Head: Dr. William Bauer

Georgia Southern University 
Bachelors in Music Education

Velma Kemp Choral Scholar Award Recipient

HOPE Scholar Award Recipient

Area Head: Dr. Laura Stambaugh


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